Jim has been recording music since November 1990 when he made his first tapes recorded from the song memory of a Yamaha PSS-790 keyboard at the tender age of 16.  In the time-honoured tradition of the bedroom musician in the 80s and 90s a 4-track cassette recorder, effects units and a second-hand Commodore Amiga followed.  Already at this time he had a fondness for weaving minimalist patterns into his music.

In the spring of 1997 a meeting with a childhood friend led to his first involvement with Leicester's thriving and diverse music scene.  He also met and became friendly with the Freeman brothers whose record shop Ultima Thule was somewhat legendary for lovers of music outside of the mainstream.  Their own sonic explorations inspired a change of direction for him which lasted around a decade before he began to combine this musical world with his more rhythmically-based earlier style into the definitive hybrid aesthetic he works in today.  Since 1999 he has collaborated with them in the far-out and often innovative improv trio Endgame.  Alan Freeman has this to say: "Some of the early solo work Jim played me was very Tangerine Dream circa 1974 to 1984 inspired, melodic synth, but with an edge that was all his own. With his solo works on Auricle he'd largely dumped the melodic context in preference for ambient abstract exploration, and unique techniques involving live manipulation, feedback processing and such-like. You may also hear elements of Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, Sylvian & Czukay, Coil, Cluster, Vangelis, Bayle, Parmegiani and Morphogenesis, all in varying amounts in his music. Yet Jim is not at all copyist in any of what you'll find here"

Jim enjoys making music in various projects  with a host of musical friends, many of whom involve themselves in Chris Conway's monthly Quadelectronic sessions at Leicester's Quad Studios, where improvising experimenters from a variety of musical heritages meet and see what happens.  Chris has collaborated with Jim since 2010 in the improv duo Memory Wire and its fourpiece offshoots Bridge, Audible Light and latterly Starfish Haiku.

 InFlotation  (2020-)  Steve Escott, JT

 The Inhabited Sky  (2019-)  Steve Carroll, Alison Dunne, Steve Escott, Les Hayden, JT

 Starfish Haiku  (2018-)  Carise Zangerle Murray, Chris Conway, Ludwik Szczylik, JT

 Approaching Infinity  (2018-)  Alan Freeman, JT

 Windfall Light  (2017-)  John Hinks, JT

 UV Spectra  (2017-)  Andy Atyeo, JT

 Symbiotica  (2014-)  Linda Faulkner, Les Hayden, JT

 Audible Light  (2014-)  Andy Atyeo, Chris Conway, Les Hayden, JT
 Jaipur School Orchestra  (2013-)  Neil Donoghue, Will Fidoe, Dylan Menzies, JT
 Muted Fnord  (2011-2013, 2020-)  David Dhonau, Andrew Johnston, Ola Szmidt, JT
 People With Manners  (2011-)  Dylan Menzies, JT
 Bridge  (2010)  Chris Conway, Kafka Wilde, Christina Wigmore, JT
 Harper Bourne  (2010)  Victoria Bourne, Chris Harper, JT
 Memory Wire  (2009-)  Chris Conway, JT
 Focal Gaol  (2009-2010)  Glenn Boulter, David Dhonau, JT
 Multimorph  (2009-)  Maureen Anderson, Kevin Hewick, Rizz James, Darren Baxter, Helena McLeod, JT etc
 Tetlow & Broadhurst  (2007-)  julian Broadhurst, JT

 2/3  (2004-)  Nigel Harris, JT

 The Zircon Game  (2004)  Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Nigel Harris, JT
 Extremities  (2002-)  Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Dave Powell, JT
 Endgame  (1999-)  Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, JT
 Hemamorphite  (1999-2000)  Nina Bell, Jane Hodgson, JT
 Opal  (1998-)  Pete Rigg, JT
 Shapeshifter  (1998-1999)  Maureen Anderson, Dave Johnson, Alan Freeman, Willow Songsmith, JT

Jim is interested in soundtrack work, having produced what might be termed sonic responses to a couple of experimental videos by Austrian artist Jacqueline Cheval. 

Inkdance - Jim Tetlow
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Caress The Cell - Jim Tetlow
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Lament - Jim Tetlow
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Cube Part II - Jim Tetlow
00:00 / 00:00
We Sat Before We Stared - Jim Tetlow
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Delphinus - Opal
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Ausland - Endgame
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Tumbling - Muted Fnord
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Eyes Open - Memory Wire
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Aquanaut - Audible Light
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Revolving - Symbiotica
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Breaking the Silence - Windfall Light
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The Inner Spiral - UV Spectra
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The Fair Gardener

A concept album from September 1998, each of the 14 pieces a direct sonic/musical response to a painting by the surrealist Max Ernst

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