Client Portfolio:

6-The Nanny Song.jpg

The Nanny Song by Misty Mount (2017)

The brief was to combine a piano keyboard and sheet music with a red rose, with a subtle hint of blood dripping from it.

1-Jane-John Doe.jpg
2-Deadly Disciple.jpg
Wild Dark Times.jpg
3-The Shadow Girl.jpg

The Shadow Girl by Misty Mount (2017)

Jane/John Doe and Deadly Disciple by Blake Everstone (2017)

The author requested montaging of supplied face images with the stipulation that everything was to be in black and white except for a green eye (book 1) and red lips (book 2).  The male face (representing Scott Wright, the series' protagonist) was to be consistent on both covers.

Wild Dark Times by Austin Case (2019)

The author requested for Jim to produce the artwork after seeing the Shadow Girl cover.  Their concept was to combine the Mayan Calendar engraving with a rough graffiti face over the top, along with typography in the vein of the poster for the film Apocalypse Now.

Jim Tetlow
Graphic Designer