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Client Portfolio:

Murder in the Atchafalaya mockup.png
Tomorrow and Yesterday mockup.png
Men of the Year mockup.png
A Kind of Family mockup.png
Wild, Dark Times mockup.png
The Nanny Song mockup.png
The Shadow Girl mockup.png

Murder in the Atchafalaya  (Jim Riley, 2019)

Imagery evoking the bayous of Louisiana.

Tomorrow and Yesterday  (Kris Francoeur, 2019)
Jim chose New Century Schoolbook as the typeface, in keeping with the author's request for an old English school building, along with a hand painting on a handwritten menu board. 

Men of the Year  (Colleen McMillan, 2019)

A Kind of Family  (Bonnie Meekums, 2019)

Spirals, water and mountains were the three things specified in the cover design.  After some trial images, a photograph courtesy of the author's husband was used.

Wild, Dark Times  (Austin Case, 2019)

The author requested for Jim to produce the artwork after seeing the Shadow Girl cover.  Their concept was to combine the Mayan Calendar engraving with a rough graffiti face over the top, along with typography in the vein of the poster for the film Apocalypse Now.  An odd combination on paper perhaps, but it was effective.

The Nanny Song  (Misty Mount, 2017)

The brief was to combine a piano keyboard and sheet music, along with a red rose with a subtle hint of blood dripping from it.

The Shadow Girl  (Misty Mount, 2017)

Poster square.jpg
TSTR cover.jpg
Client Portfolio: Mia and the Moon

Jim Tetlow
Graphic Designer



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