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“Jim has worked on several of my album covers with great patience and good humour.  The quality of his work for me is outstanding and I constantly get highly positive reactions about the covers and lyric books.  Jim’s attention to detail shows in everything he does and he always achieves the best possible end result.”

Kevin Hewick

Client Portfolio:

DLDH booklet6.jpg

Driven By Love, Driven By Hate artwork (2017)

Cover of 'Driven By Love, Drive By Hate' by Kevin Hewick.  Photography by Asuka Sawada, design by Jim Tetlow
DLDH disc.png

For Driven By Love, Driven By Hate Kevin had become enchanted and enthused by the work of Japanese photographer Asuka Sawada.  One of her artistic passions is macro photography of flowers and insects and Kevin felt her pieces would form a beautiful basis of the album artwork.  Once permission was granted and high resolution files were sent, Jim's role involved composition, layout and weaving typography over the imagery.

TSTR disc.png

Front cover/disc artwork: original 1869 portrait photography of Rip Van Winkle actor Joseph Jefferson by Napoleon Sarony, to which Jim introduced via Photoshop the Gibson acoustic guitar Kevin used for the album (formerly owned by Ralph McTell).

For the lyric sheets Kevin wanted a direct approach of simple black text on white backgrounds interspersed by his own photography.

Kevin Hewick portrait photography by Helen Toft.

Touching Stones, Tasting Rain artwork (2016)

The Heat of Molten Diamonds artwork (2013)

The Heat.jpg

For The Heat of Molten Diamonds Kevin requested a design with the kind of austere feel of David Bowie's album Station To Station.  To this end the cover photograph was set on a stark red background.

All other faces were yet more minimalist, text only with lyrics and credits in bold white upper case on red background.

Poster square.jpg
TSTR cover.jpg
Client Portfolio: Mia and the Moon

Jim Tetlow
Graphic Designer



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